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Qatar is a very competitive place. There are so many attractions and opportunities that tend to weigh heavy on your time. Sometimes, the smaller, yet highly important aspects of life ‘no pun intended’ can create a storm. A perfectly clean and sparkling home is one of them. Through our own personal experiences, we realized how challenging this can be. Why should one partner take all the burden of making the home shine! Doesn’t he or she deserve what he or she desires?

There is no shortage of cleaning companies in Qatar. Yet, how many of these honor what they promise? That’s a tough question? Do they always reach your home on time? It’s always about counting the hours and before we forget, many exclusions to the maid services that were promised. This is where we want to create a difference for you.

Our Vision

Al Basher offers a range of house and office cleaning services in Qatar and prides itself on delivering the best quality service or promises 100% guarantee.

Our Mission

Al Busher has been the trailblazer in introducing Home and Office Disinfection Services in Qatar and has successfully disinfected more than 1000+ ​ We also offer house cleaning maids for longer hours in a day on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or full time house keeping nannies. Please call us for more details on such exclusive prices.

Our Goal

We offer complete house and home cleaning services, carpet, curtains, mattresses and sofa cleaning services, marble polishing, grinding, sealing & repair and restoration services, steam and deep cleaning services.

Company Overview

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